David Argo

College Student & Digital Media Producer


About Me

I am a third-year at the University of Virginia with experience in the digital & social media and television fields. I have practice producing content on a deadline and working in high-pressure environments like live television.
Additionally, I produce and mix music in a variety of genres both for myself and for others.
Check out some of my work below!


What I Offer

Video & Digital Media Production

I can produce different forms of video and digital media - full-length shows, feature stories, social media highlights, and much more. I own and operate a variety of gear, including cinema cameras. I can be your all-in-the-box solution to a successful shoot, strategy, or campaign.

Music Production

I can record and mix your track, either at my studio or at yours. I have tons of experience in Pro Tools and Logic Pro X in addition to knowledge of recording and mixing technology and a wide variety of mixing plug-ins. I can make your track sound like a hit.


Let’s Talk

(434) 962-4704